Why choose Dedalow?

Accelerate Digital Transformation

leveraging in current knowledge and resources

Speed up Cloud adoption

taking advantage of hybrid and modular approaches

Define a definitive and realistic cutover strategy for Legacy systems

taking advantage of hybrid and modular approaches

Minimize strategic risk in the selection of low-code platforms

reducing vendor lock-in

Response to current shortage of technology professionals

in distinctive, built-for-purpose applications

Dedalow's tech benefits

Adaptability to any tech stack

Dedalow adapts to the client's technological stack and is fully flexible to add or take off any piece.

Real end-to-end

Dedalow provides a real end-to-end of the SDLC: from requisites to DevOps. Fully traceable.

Mix new code with existing code

With good performance allowing for several migration paths to be taken.

No runtime, no black-box effect

Dedalow delivers real code instead of applications, and has a clear price strategy: licenses per developer to best trace your spendings.

Decouple business models from code

Abstract business rules from technology and possibility of reusing models to save time.

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