Design, testing and maintenance

We can provide you with teams of Dedalow qualified modelers, who are able to manage the full software development life cycle (SDLC) of your company’s applications, including design, automatic code generation, DevOps, testing, maintenance and evolution.

Our specialized Dedalow development services include:

  • Renovating complex custom applications with can be delivered to any technological stack, elongating their life and bringing easy maintenance and evolution.
  • Designing new and renovated applications for the Cloud to drive Cloud Adoption and accelerate Digital Transformation in your company.
  • Launching complex custom applications faster whilst maintaining high quality standards.
  • Facing modular renovation of complex applications, such as legacy systems, “a piece at a time”. Hybrid development approaches combining Dedalow’s code with human programmer production or code from other sources, is also possible.
  • Massive updates in case of major upgrades of frameworks or languages.