Implementation and training

We offer implementation and training services so that Dedalow may be implemented in any company’s technological stack and professionals can take advantage of its powerful benefits.

Technical implementation

Our team of Dedalow architects can implement Dedalow in any company’s technological stack.

The implementation takes into account framework requirements, company IT code conventions and the specific integration with company DevOps and automation testing tools. The main result of the implementation is the availability of specific company code generators.

Moreover, our Dedalow architects are able to migrate Dedalow from one technological stack to another, now and ever, therefore helping manage technological renovation of company applications.


IT AD&D professionals training and guidance

Although one of the main strengths of Dedalow is that it is easy to learn how to start using the platform, proper training is a key point to be able to fully take advantage of all the benefits of the solution. Training is available from our team of Dedalow consultants and from our Dedalow academy website.

Our team of Dedalow consultants provide quality face-to-face and online training. Besides, they can advise IT leaders about the selection of professionals for the new roles within the company: Dedalow architects and Dedalow modelers.

On our Dedalow academy website, AD&D professionals can find relevant information about Dedalow fundamentals. In the near future, a set of courses targeting specific modelling needs on different technological stacks will be developed.